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CDi3.FTe Submersible, Universal Gas-Field Controller
Keller Digital Pressure Transducers/Transmitters
Burkert Solenoid Modifications
PDL/CDi History: Pembina Lake Erie Datalogger
LD Series Pressure Transmitters
CDi4.P8 Flowmeter, Keller Communicator
LD Series Pressure Transmitters
Internet of Things - BME
Internet Enabled, Tomato Garden Watering Thing
ZDL Potential Boards
CDi4 Flowmeter, Keller Communicator
CDi4 Flowmeter/Keller Communicator
  • CDi2.P6-based, Keller-digital flowmeter and Keller communicator, software-compatible with Switcher...
  • In active development since mid-2015, must prove circuitry ahead of time, latest here.
  • To be continued...
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